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It is early in the year (2015) and I find myself at an ironman ‘taster day’ run by Jim and several other coaches. I look around and don’t feel like a potential ironman. I am not that fit, have a desk job but go out with Addiscombe Cycling Club once a week. I am also quite slight (some would say skinny) and not that strong, i’m not a good swimmer and have only ran 10km before - not to mention a history of Asthma that I have had all my life. But I needed a challenge as I approach 50!


I liked the way Jim ran his ‘turbo’ session at the taster day (something I normally hate) and his easy manner and positive encouragement. I signed up for his coaching the following week and never looked back. Jim and I used to agree a weekly schedule by email to fit around my lifestyle. It was detailed and stretching and I felt fitter every week but varied enough to keep it interesting as I am someone that gets board of repitition. I really enjoyed the 2 hour swimming sessions at Woldingham school and the solo 90 min rides done in intervals. I also learnt to do the Saturday club ride - without a cup of tea and cake which took some getting used to. Apart from the weekly schedule we would meet up once a month for a coffee and assess my goals and progress. In May I completed my first ever 70.3 ironman in sub 6 hours and the first thing I thought of was ‘can’t wait for the full-one’..


It wasn’t all so easy. a few months before the full-ironman I pulled my calf and then did my achilles. Jim was supportive and knowledgable about how to ‘protect’ my legs by decreasing the running and taking it really careful. If I hadn’t had a coach it would have been really easy to panic and injure myself permanently. I also had a weekly massage which was the other most important decision I made. For those of you thinking about doing an ironman, expect to feel tired some weeks but also expect to feel fit, young and wonderful in a way that you probably haven’t for years. I remember several times before the ironman event that I was swimming or riding and I felt I could have gone on all day - it was an epic feeling...


Fast forward to September 2015 and I have just completed my first ever full ironman in Mallorca in 11 hours 53 min (2 hours ahead of my target). I put my success down to investing in a good coach - there is no question in my mind I couldn't have completed it without Jim’s support. I loved the training and the event itself was life changing. Easily one of the best days of my life. 


Stephen Fortune

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