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Swim Clinic 16

Sorry, all places on this course have been taken.

Kick start your 2016 season with an intensive 4 week swimming development programme. Whether a newbie or experienced athlete, we can help you develop confidence and speed in the water. Swim Clinic 16 is a joint venture between Triwisemen Coaching and Laguna Swim School bringing together a wealth of experience in teaching and coaching. This clinic builds on the format from last year which saw participants achieving goals that ranged from Ironman finishes and GB Age Group qualification to simply gaining confidence in order to tackle open water.

Based at a private pool in the beautiful setting of Woldingham School in the Surrey countryside, we will assess your stroke using video and dry land trainers and then guide you through an intensive program of development.

Each 90 minute session will aim to build technique, functional strength and endurance.

Underwater video analysis is also utilised each week and each swimmers' footage will be viewed poolside for real-time stroke development and then posted online to allow easy access.Numbers will be limited to 12 participants who will work with 2 coaches. Each lane will contain no more than 3 people of similar ability. 


We will be introducing the Swimbeam dry land trainer into the programme to allow us to give feedback whilst the swimmer in performing the stroke. This has the benefit of being able to make adjustments whilst still performing the stroke in order to build the correct muscle memory.


Swimming is a technique driven discipline and we believe that a one off video session in an endless pool is not the best solution to build long term muscle memory. Swimming requires functional strength in order to maintain correct technique and there are no short cuts to building this. In the Swim Clinic we have a programme of 4 90 minute sessions to gradually build up technique, strength and endurance. Each week we will also supply participants with suggested training activities between sessions.

Most of the focus will be on the freestyle stroke as this is the most used in triathlon. We will do a small amount on other strokes, but this will be mainly to add variety and balance to the sessions. 


What ability level is this course for?

Anyone who wants to improve their swimming, from those with basic swimming ability who wish to be able to comfortably complete a 500m pool swim to those who are training for longer events and wish to become faster.

Do I need to be super fit?

No, this is the point of the course. You will be led through a 4 week programme of gradual improvement. We don't believe that you can make fantastic improvements overnight.

What if other people on the course are better/worse swimmers than me?

We have 2 coaches and a maximum of 12 participants. We will group people according to ability and tailor the sessions to fit.

What do I need to bring with me?

Swimming kit, goggles and training aids (pull bouy, fins and paddles). We can advise on these if necessary. A drink for the session would be a good idea. Feel free to bring running kit and make the most of the trails surrounding Woldingham School after the sessions.

Costs and availability

Cost for participants is £70 for the 4 week programme. Spaces are limited to ensure that an optimal student:coach ratio is maintained and that the pool is not crowded. Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable once the programme has started.

The course will run on Sunday mornings from 0830-1000 starting from February 28th 2016.

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